Nothing Even Matters

What you think doesn’t matter. I don’t even know you, so why should your opinion count? It doesn’t. If it wasn’t for your constant attempts to get my attention with your negativity I would forget you even exist.

But them over there- they matter. They matter to me and thus what they think means everything to me. So much so that I unintentionally lose myself trying to please them. This select group of people who mean the world to me. Forget those people who don’t know me. But them over there…they know all about me. They see the potential in me. They know what I’m capable of. I refuse to let them down.

“Oh you don’t like that? Well just let me change it for you.” “Oh but you did like it? Well let me just change it back.” But wait. What do I like? I don’t even know anymore. I’ve lost me trying to please them. But I don’t even see it like that. And if I did I probably wouldn’t even care. Because them right there- they matter. So whatever they want, they’ll get it.

But what about me? What about me?


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