“Diamond. That’s a name meant for a star. You’re bound for greatness.”

I smile, accept the compliment, and keep it moving. But the words echo in my mind.

I mean that’s what I’m working for, to be great. Not necessarily to be known, although I’m not objecting, but simply to be great. Great at what I choose to do. Great enough to make a difference. Great enough to inspire someone else.

Everyone else is so sure of it. My destiny. They have no idea what I want to do with my life. They have no idea what my goals and dreams are. They have no clue what my passions or talents are. But that doesn’t stop them from telling me that I’ll succeed at whatever I choose to do. You’d think that their confidence would rub off on me. Their certainty. But I still have these doubts that I’m not capable of such greatness. That I’ll never quite live up to this name I have been given. That I’ll let everybody down. Everyone who believed so much in me, so much in my ability to become something or somebody.

“Diamond. That’s a name meant for a star.”

Oh really? According to who? Ever consider the possibility that a name is just a name? No underlying meaning. No preconceived reasons behind it. Just a name.

I’m trippin. Even I don’t believe that. There’s just so much emphasis on it. My name. Diamond.


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