John Mayer

Dreaming With A Broken Heart- that’s precisely what you have left me doing.

You used your music to get into my mind and my heart.

See I had this Belief that you were different,

That you were going to be the one to make me believe in love again.

But I guess I got too Comfortable with that notion,

Because as soon as I let my guard down I realized there was No Such Thing.

I found myself at a Crossroads with you, not sure which direction to take,

But you trapped me with your music.

It was what bonded us- what connected us.

You couldn’t tell me how you felt so you’d let John say it all.

Yet everything was still so unclear and all I wanted was some Clarity.

I was yearning and wanting more from you but I just kept telling myself Good Love Is On The Way.

Well actually John said it and I just took it as some sort of subtle message from you.

But I guess I read too deeply into things.

I need Gravity to bring me back down to reality.

The reality that we’re either going to be Friends, Lovers, Or Nothing.

But you won’t decide. And I can’t decide.

You say, “I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You)” and all I want you to do is Try.

But you won’t and I’m tired of trying to make you.

So I find myself Perfectly Lonely telling myself that I’m Gonna Find Another You, but wishing that I didn’t have to.


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