Where is the love?

You know in this life everybody just wants to be happy. They want to have a career that makes them happy. They want to have the finances that make them happy.  They want to meet that person that will make them happy. But realistically you cannot always be happy every moment of everyday no matter what your job is, how much money you make, or who you are with. And that is what people fail to realize. Or rather what they choose to ignore. Life is not designed in such a manner where we have the ability to be happy all the time. There will be moments of anger. There will be moments of sadness. They do not have to last, nor do they have to consume us. But they will occur. And once people learn to come to terms with this, life will be so much more bearable. But people will not come to terms with this. So they enter a relationship and they feel happy. One day of happiness turns into a week which turns into a month, and then they base a life decision off of momentary happiness. When you’re realistic you understand that happiness is not ever-lasting but love is. You will have times with that person where you are truly genuinely happy. But there will be times when you are not. Times where you won’t agree. Times when you’ll wonder why you decided to partner with that person in the first place. And if your decision was based upon happiness and happiness alone, then as soon as you experience a period of unhappiness you will be gone. But if you decided to build a relationship upon something deeper, once you begin to experience a period of unhappiness you will remember the love you have and you will understand that this period of unhappiness will not last forever. You will understand that the person you are with is worth working things out. And if you come to the conclusion that the person isn’t worth the work, then you probably shouldn’t be together in the first place.


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