Everything’s Changing….Life’s Rearranging

Growth is a part of natural human progression. We grow physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually…there are just numerous aspects of our lives where growth can occur. And growth is healthy for you.  What is the point of remaining stationary when you can transform into someone better and do something greater? But when the growth you are experiencing is taking you away from the people you love and care about, it can be quite frightening. I am on this new journey. This journey that is drawing me further and further away from the people I have grown to love and depend on. Perhaps a little too much. But I am coming to see that this physical separation is strengthening me as a person. Because now I must rely on myself. I know that I can still go to these people should I need them, but I am forced to trust myself and act for myself. Scary, yes. But it is one of the most beneficial experiences I have had to date. I am doing things now that I honestly do not think I would be doing if I was depending on other people. I’m learning to trust myself a lot more than I ever have and I am learning to realize my own strength and potential. It is absolutely amazing to understand what you are capable of doing in this life and then go about making those things happen. I really have this greater love and appreciation for myself and it is really freeing for me.


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