I’m All Open

Everyone is taught to be guarded. The teacher is named Dr. Experience and the class is called Life. Experience is a Dr. because it’s a master at what it does. For most people it only takes one experience, one hurt, one lie, one deception to teach them how to be or what to do in the future. You lie to me and I learn to never believe what people say. You deceive me and I learn not to trust anyone. You hurt me and I learn to shield myself from anymore pain. You belittle me and I learn that I must prove myself to people. We all have a different teacher because none of us share the exact same set of circumstances. But somehow we all seem to learn the same things. Fear, Insecurity, Doubt, Inaction, Hate……the list is endless. My teacher has taught me all of those things and more. But I’m coming to a new realization- God is the true teacher, Life is the degree program, and Experience is the class. And as the ultimate teacher, God uses all of the experiences he sends our way in order to help us reach our full potential and make us the people he wants us to be. If we open our eyes, ears, and hearts when the Lord speaks to us and challenges us then we will obtain so much knowledge and grow into strong, giving, confident, loving, forgiving people who are carrying out God’s will in our lives. And at the end of the day life will be so much more fulfilling and manageable for us once we come to see this.


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