Gone But Never Forgotten

We never imagine a life without the people we love, which is perhaps the reason we tend to take them for granted. Assuming we will have them around to share life’s joys and treasures  with us. And when they are suddenly taken from us we are hit with the reality that death is real. That at any given time the people we’ve come to depend on can be taken from us. Or even more frightening we could be the ones taken from this earth. And it is in these instances we are faced with the guilt that accompanies death. Regretting those times we failed to say I love you because we assumed they already knew. Thinking back on stupid arguments held and hurtful things that were said in moments of anger. But there is no taking it back. Time rewinds for no one. We can’t undo mistakes. We are forced to live with what we have done forever. But the thing that separates the strong from the weak is the ability to grow from these things. So as the casket closes on our loved ones, a new era of gratitude for the people we still have is ushered in. And as the wooden box is lowered into the ground we begin to appreciate the ones still standing. And though one of our most valuable treasure is gone from this physical earth, they will never be forgotten, because they will forever live in our thoughts and actions. Always.


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