It’s My Time

For so long I have had this fear. This fear of really moving forward in my life. This fear of actively pursing my dreams rather than just talking about them. This fear of becoming better, becoming greater. Fearful to take that first step because I know what I am capable of. After talking with a good friend of mine I started to think, why is it that I am so afraid of success? Why does the thought of achieving my goals scare me so much? It was a really tough question to answer but I worked through all of the bs and realized that I did not feel like I deserved to succeed. And that’s crazy right? What on earth have I done that disqualifies me from conquering my goals? But somewhere deep down on the inside was this deeply rooted notion that I was not worthy of success. I know exactly where it came from and I have been fighting for so long to ignore it. But after talking to my friend I knew I had to face it head on. And let me tell you this is the best thing I could have ever done for myself. By finally confronting what I was trying to ignore for so long I was able to overcome the issue and move forward. I am in this new phase of my life where not only do I want things but I feel that I deserve the things I want. And when you know that you deserve something you are willing to work as hard as you need to in order to achieve it. There are really no more excuses at this point. All this time I have been limiting myself. Hiding my skills and my talents and not giving myself the credit I truly do deserve. But no more. Everyone else is offering their best to the world and it’s about time I get in on all the action.


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