Diamond Lepre Grant

They say what you name your children is what they grow into so it’s important to put careful thought into the name you choose for your child.

The story behind my name isn’t marvelous. They didn’t spend months on end trying to come up with my name. My parents originally planned to name me Lindsey Nicole Grant. So I thought what if that had been my name? What would that have meant? What would I have turned into? Lindsey- Uncertain, dark. Nicole- Victory of the people. Grant-One of remarkable size.

Then I considered the name I was actually given. Diamond Lepre Grant. Diamond. While returning from overseas to witness my birth, my father ran into a lady in the airport with that name and he loved it. So much so that he suggested it to my mother. It means a transparent, flawless or almost flawless piece of stone, valued as a precious gem. It can also mean diamond in the rough, a person of fine character but lacking refined manners or graces.  And more literally a form of pure carbon that occurs naturally as a clear, cubic crystal and is the hardest of all known minerals.  A diamond forms under conditions of extreme temperature and pressure and is most commonly found in volcanic breccias and in alluvial deposits. Lepre. That is my mother’s middle name also. It was given to her by my grandfather. It is french for a still meadow. And of course Grant-One of remarkable size.

So essentially I am growing into a nearly flawless and valuable woman of fine character who at times lacks refined manner, who is formed under pressure; beautiful and still like a meadow, & of remarkable size.
So regardless of how I got my name I am grateful that I have it. God knew what he was doing when my dad met that woman in the airport. He knew what he was doing when my mom decided to change my middle name. And each day I am striving to fulfill the meaning of my name.

One thought on “Diamond Lepre Grant

  1. Margaret Bernard says:

    Your name is a name that one would expect to see on billboards, book covers, and on a marquee with flashing lights. It is a unique name and will be great one day. One day,people will know your name, and will name their offspring after you. Isn’t that what people do when someone is famous? You will be famous and eventually live up to the meaning of your name

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