</3 fallen </3

I fell for you. Hard. And I hate it.

I hate it because you don’t feel the same. You say let’s be friends. You’re not ready to take that step.

And I reluctantly agree. Agree because I would much rather have you as a friend than not at all.

So we go on as friends. Spending time. Sharing emotions. Getting closer and closer.

And then it happens again. I fall for you. And I hate it.

I hate it because somehow this all falls under the realm of friendship to you……and I want it to be more.

I love you in a way I cannot explain……and that scares me. No it terrifies me.

I want you to say you love me too, but you never do. Not because you don’t. Simply because you assume I already know.

I want a lot from you. More than you are willing to give. More than you are ready to give.

You want the convenience of my love without strings attached.

You want the benefit of knowing I will always be there for you to turn to… to confide in.

You want peace of mind in knowing that no matter who I talk to , I’ll always come back to you.

But you never give me anything and I stick around because I hope.

I hope things will change. I hope you’ll want to be more than just friends. I hope you’ll tell me you love me too.

And so I wait. And wait. And wait. And I keep waiting because I fear that the moment I leave you will change.

And I will have missed out on what could be the greatest love of my life—YOU.


One thought on “</3 fallen </3

  1. Margaret Bernard says:

    Diamond, don’t make the mistake of waiting for someone to change into your image of who you think they should be. They never do. Unless God changes their heart or He changes yours, the way people really are, is what you’re seeing. This friend is showing you who he is. Women are emotional beings and men are more physical than emotional. You’re already in love but he is not. You are a stunning young woman and “Mr. Right” is out there for you. Take your time and God will allow the right “beau” to find you. Don’t allow yourself to fall into lust but wait. Don’t hold on to him. If he is yours, he will be with you because no woman is going to get the man that God has for you. So let him go and know this…that you won’t be missing out on the greatest love of your life but instead, would be missing out on making the biggest mistake of your life.

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