Success in the Making

A sucess in the making – that’s what I am

Motivated by my imperfections to be better

Pushed by my flaws to be greater

Driven by my goals to work harder

Prompted by my haters to prove them wrong

Swayed by my faith to never give up

Persuaded by my loved ones to make them proud

Moved by my dreams into action


2 thoughts on “Success in the Making

  1. Bianca Lucero says:

    You are a success in the making my dear! I have seen a fair share of your accomplishments and I am so excited to see the others throughout your college career. You are so talented and I know that we are going to be witnessing some great things from you! The journey is not going to be easy, but a person with such determination as you, can get through anything. =]

  2. Margaret Bernard says:

    That you are, a success in the making!! On that path to success, life’s journey will be at times difficult but you’re an overcomer, simply because your Father in heaven say so. Keep moving forward regardless of what life brings, and remember that God has already given you the victory, long before your mom had conceived you. What I’m sharing with you, I’ve also shared with my sons, because like you, their destinies were planned by God,way before I conceived them as well. Keep pressing forward,Diamond.

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