Ever changing – like the colors of the leaves in the fall

Slowly but surely evolving til im not the same at all

Until all the dead things-

people, lies, hurt, & pain break away

And nothing but the bare, exposed me is left to stay

…this blog marks the start of my chronicles…the chronicles of my evolution. If you choose to subscribe to my blog, you will see into my mind. My deepest thoughts, my biggest fears, &  my greatest concerns. I hope to be able to help, inspire, motivate, encourage, support, & inform.

If you like what you read then feel free to pass on the link.


2 thoughts on “Evolution

  1. Aunt Nicol says:

    Diamond, you have always had exactly what it takes. You have expanded upon your Mommy’s talents exponentially! Keep up the good work, and continue to let it out.

  2. Margaret Bernard says:

    Diamond, do you remember your confirmation? Go back and listened to it. You’re on your way to becoming a force to be reckon with! Keep God first and let the metamorphasis begin!

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